BoundWorx® in Winter

BoundWorx® in Winter

Christmas is fast approaching and the winter season is now upon us with some snow fall through parts of the UK. It is always mindful to consider how this impacts your resin bound installations.

Keep reading for our helpful hints and tips and how best to install our BoundWorx® Resin Bound system during the winter period to avoid being caught out! 

We will also inform you of the changes being made to our product in order to adapt to the current climate and deliver the best possible results for you and your customer!

What are the implications of installing Resin Bound during winter?

During the winter months, the resin bound can be more resistant to trowel making the installation more labour intensive however we have some advice and suggestions to make installations go smoothly.

By storing the resin and aggregate at room temperature will reduce the thickening effect of the resin and hardener and make the system easier to trowel, whilst we appreciated that this is not always practical we have developed our BoundWorx® Easy Trowel product which can be added to each mix individually to lower the viscosity of the mix.

Click here to find out more about BoundWorx® Easy Trowel.

BoundWorx® in Winter

We catalyse our resin for winter grade this accelerates the curing process which inevitably is slower when colder. Additionally we also provide a catalyst to enable you to have control over the required amount on the day. As we all have experienced, the weather has been very unpredictable with more warmer days than you would expect for this time of year.

Catalyst should be added cautiously and we would not recommend adding anymore than 1ml to the first mix and see how this performs before adding any further catalyst and this should only be added half a ml after that until you are satisfied with the cure.

Installing Resin Bound in winter – Bring on the Catalyst

As you may already know from reading our previous blogs, Resin Bonded Ltd are now offering additional Catalyst. This can be added to your mix of BoundWorx® Resin to speed up the chemical reaction and cause the agent to cure quicker.

It’s advisable to consider the conditions when you are ordering your materials and we’d be happy to advise you how much Catalyst you require for the job in hand. Please keep reading for some extra guidance.

Learn more about Resin Bound Catalyst Rates Here. 

Helpful recommendations when you’re laying during the Winter period

BoundWorx® in Winter
Only lay when temperatures are 5°C and rising.
We suggest that when the atmospheric moisture is at the top end of the acceptable range, that extra catalyst is used.
We have put catalyst levels at a low level to ensure that on a warm winter’s day, when you have a wide area to lay, this can be easily achieved.
On cooler winter days, it is wise to add a little more catalyst to help speed up the cure times.
For general guidance we suggest the following inclusion rate on a normal project, where you are laying at up to two pulls of material (you lay a second mix before you get back to your wet edge).

Suggested catalyst addition as follows…

At 5°C – 9°C use 1-2ml approx. of catalyst per mix/unit.
At 10°C – 12°C use 0.5m – 1ml approx. of catalyst per mix/unit.
We suggest that if you use the lower end of the scale to start with and check that you have plenty of working time, towards the end of the day perhaps increase as it approaches the cold of evening.
Material will be hard (but may still be tacky) in 4 – 7 hours using these rates. If possible keep all pedestrians and animals off the Resin Bound for an extra day when laying in cold conditions.
On particularly cold days add BoundWorx® Easy Trowel to the resin. This helps to stop the resin feeling thick and sticky on the trowel and makes the Resin Bound looser and easier to lay. Adding it to the mix makes the Resin Bound feel like you are laying in around 15°C when the temperature is between 5°C – 8°C.
As an addition, if you can store the resin and stone inside the night before and then on the install day store it in a 3 sided gazebo with a heater, this will keep the product warmer and make it easier to lay.


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