It’s the main talk of the season – Let’s talk CATALYST!

Resin Bound Catalyst Rates

It’s that time of year again – carving pumpkins and watching firework displays. We reach for our rain macs, woolly jumpers, scarf and hat only to find ourselves too hot!

So what does that mean for your Resin Bound Catalyst Rates?

Well, we pay very careful attention to the current weather and what that means to our contractors laying resin.

During the autumnal season, we provide catalyst to our intermediate grade resin, allowing contractors to make the decision on the day depending on the weather.

Essentially it would be like packing your woolly jumper in case you might need it for later in the day.

Resin Bound Catalyst Rates

So what do we do? How do we use catalyst we hear you say.

Our BoundWorx® Resin Bound finish should always be laid in dry conditions onto a dry clean surface above 5°C otherwise the cure will be very slow.

To avoid blooming or foaming, do not lay if atmospheric moisture is above 85%. If close to this, ensure some extra catalyst is used.

On cooler winter days, it is wise to add a little more catalyst to speed cure times. On a cool day the mixture will remain workable for up to three hours without extra catalyst being added.

For general guidance we suggest the following inclusion rate on a normal project where you are laying at up to two pulls of material (you lay a second mix before you get back to your wet edge).

Suggested Catalyst Addition Rates

At 5-9°C use 1-2ml approx. of catalyst per mix/unit.

At 10-12°C use 0.5-1ml approx. of catalyst per mix/unit.

We suggest that if you use the lower end of the scale to start with and check that you have plenty of working time, towards the end of the day perhaps increase as it approaches the cold of evening.

Material will be hard (but may still be tacky) in 4-7 hours using these rates.

Of course, we are here to help should you need any further technical advice.

BoundWorx® Accelerator

BoundWorx Accelerator

We sell our catalyst in 3 sizes, 30ml, 50ml and 100ml. Order yours online here. 

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