BoundWorx® Easy Trowel

BoundWorx® Easy Trowel

You may know from our previous blog BoundWorx® in Winter and from your own personal experience that with the colder periods, laying resin can be more challenging.

With the cooler temperatures, the resin has a thicker consistency, which can be harder to trowel out. Additionally with damper conditions, when humidity levels increase this can cause blooming giving a milky appearance across the surface.

With this in our minds, Resin Bonded LTD have procured and tested a product aimed specifically for this enabling you as the contractor to get the job done efficiently and with greater ease and give you a reduction in worry should you get caught out with weather changes such as light rain during your installation.

BoundWorx Easy Trowel

How does it work?

BoundWorx® Easy Trowel is an additive to Resin Bound that reduces the thickness of the resin, making the viscosity much more user friendly and easier to trowel. The cross-linking agent not only thins the mixture but adds strength and reduces the adverse effects caused by the damper weather conditions.

Unlike solvent related products which are often used by installers as a quick solution to reduce viscosity, BoundWorx® Easy Trowel will not have a detrimental effect on the material, as it does not adversely impact the chemical properties of the system, to the contrary it will minimise the risks associated with winter installations when contractors may be caught out by a sudden unexpected change in the weather when in the middle of a job!

How do I use it?

    • Each container of BoundWorx® Easy Trowel contains 500g.
    • Add up to 500g to Resin Bound BoundWorx® Part A, then add Resin Bound BoundWorx® Part B (7kg unit) and mix both thoroughly with the paddle mixer.
    • You can add up to 500g per mix. Reduce the amount added to each mix depending on the temperature and the thickness of the mix on the day of laying.
    • Once all mixed thoroughly, add the resin and easy trowel to the aggregate in the force action mixer.
    • Catalyst can still be used if required. Learn more about Resin Bound Catalyst Rates Here.
    • Once this has been done, carry on with your normal mixing procedure.

Advantages to your Physical Health

Relaxed Man

By using BoundWorx® Easy Trowel with the material being easier to move under the trowel, you will notice less effort is required to compact and close off the resin bound. This will reduce the physical strain and overall make the install less strenuous.

Resin Bonded Ltd now have supplies available to add your Resin Bound orders and have a limited number of free samples to offer with your orders, so get in quick!


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