BoundWorx® Restore Tool Kit

BoundWorx® Restore Tool Kit

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The BoundWorx® Restore Tool Kit is a clear UV stable system that can be used on new and existing Resin Bound Surfaces to revive the surface adding the clear gloss sheen that freshens and restores the surface to its former state.

BoundWorx® Restore together with fine glass grit can also be used to aid grip to Resin Bound surfaces where there is insufficient traction.

The BoundWorx® Restore Tool Kit can be used to reduce the effects of light blooming caused by moisture during or close after application.

When mixed with the correct ratios of resin the application rates per unit are as follows:

Each 4kg kit will cover 32m2. This is an approximate guide.

For more technical information please see our product Data Sheet here: BoundWorx® Restore Date Sheet

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