Are you always searching around your van for them? Never sure what’s been discontinued? We have a solution!


Our new branded Resin Bound sample cases are the smart and professional way to carry your BoundWorx samples to meetings. They’re lined with laser-cut foam for maximum padding and protection, and you can fit up to 20 finishes inside.

Why get a sample case?

A Resin Bound sample case allows you to easily showcase a variety of finishes to your customers. In our experience, customers who can view a range of finishes are more likely to have confidence in their purchase. A Resin Bound sample case is a professional way of displaying our finishes in an organised way, showcasing the array of colours to their maximum potential.

What’s new?

We are continuously reviewing our sample range and introducing new colours. Occasionally, we discontinue finishes due to the quarries no longer supplying the aggregate.

With our new Resin Bound sample cases, you can easily discard discontinued finishes and replace them with our latest range without the hassle of obtaining a whole new board.

What Do I Get in the Resin Bound sample case?

Each sample case comes pre-filled with our most popular BoundWorx Resin Bound finishes. There are 2 spaces in the centre to showcase your favourite colours.

When you purchase one of our Resin Bound sample cases, you will qualify for free re-fills of samples whenever needed*. So if you leave a sample with a customer simply call us and we will post out replacements for you.

resin bound sample
resin bound sample

How Do I Get One?

At Resin Bonded Ltd, we believe a sample case should be an affordable way to showcase finish options. Therefore we have kept costs low to a one-off payment of £132. This price includes VAT and postage & packaging and a frequent top up of samples! 

*Subject to regular resin purchases

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