Spring Cleaning

Let’s talk about Spring & Cleaning Products!

Spring may feel to us a million miles away recently with all the constant rain showers and darker days, however it is in fact fast approaching with the official date being the 20th of March 2024.

The BoundWorx® system should be kept clean and free of detritus such as leaves and soil; a quick brush off or the use of a leaf blower would be good practice.

Generally, rain water will keep it clean but we strongly recommend lightly pressure washing your BoundWorx® surface annually.

With the warmer weather and longer daylight hours on the horizon this is the perfect opportunity to give your Resin Bound Pathway or Driveway that much needed spring clean.

It is recommended as a minimum that your Resin Bound is cleaned at least once a year.

Onsite Training

Here at Resin Bonded LTD, you can purchase products to bring your Driveway back to life from our website.

Stonetex All in One Cleaner

Onsite Training typically runs from March till November, this is due to the seasonal rainfall and colder temperatures which can make it more challenging to lay resin in these conditions.

Whilst you are preparing your job and getting ready to book our onsite training you will be asked to fill out a questionnaire in our training portal. This acts as a factfinder enabling our Trainers to make sure that your site is ready to go.

If you need any help filling this in then our Training Coordinator will be more than happy to assist you.

Onsite Training
Onsite Training

Stonetex Green to Clean

Environmentally friendly biodegradable and Innovative cleaner especially designed for resin bound paving solutions. Simply spray on and walk away with no need for power washing or scrubbing.

Green to Clean will clean all organic stains i.e. algae, moss and lichen within a few days. Can be applied annually for best results.

Stonetex Rust Off

Since we’ve added this product to our range we’ve found it effective in removing the rust from Resin Bound surfaces.

Stontex Rust Remover is ph neutral and suitable for cleaning all types of resin bonded paving solutions.

Rust-Off is an easy to use non-acidic gel cleaner specifically developed to safely remove iron oxide stains from resin bound paving material. Causes for these stains may be natural iron oxide in the stone pebbles as well as metal garden furniture and fertilizers containing iron.

Onsite Training

Tech Advice

If you need any advice on this topic or have any other questions relating to your Resin Bound installation and maintenance please get in touch. 


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