Resin Bound & the Heatwave

Hot Tips for the Heatwave: all you need to know

Resin Bound is hotting up this Summer.  We are pleased to announce that we have had a record breaking few months here at Resin Bonded Ltd, and it seems like the weather is following in our tracks!

With parts of the country reaching up to 38 degrees, summer is well and truly upon us. With this in mind, many are looking to make the most of the tropical temperatures and refresh their outdoor living areas.  With application often able to be completed in a day, our BoundWorx Resin Bound permeable paving makes a fantastic choice for a new patio or pathway in an instant. Plus, when the true British “summer” – or lack thereof – returns, the all-too-familiar rain will drain straight through to the substrate. No more puddling or flash flooding. Read more about permeable compliance here.

Can I install in these conditions?

Understandably, we have had many questions this week about installing our materials and adapting working routines in these conditions.

The recommended temperature range for application of our BoundWorx materials is between 5 and 25 degrees. Resin materials cure faster in warmer weather. If you’re planning to lay in this hot weather, you’ll need to be clued up on how to be most effective with the limited working time you’ll have.

Here are our 4 Hot Tips for laying Resin in the heat!

Work Quickly and Continuously

When temperatures hot up, the curing time of the resin speeds up along with it. To compensate, you’ll need to work continuously and faster than usual to ensure that you don’t lose your wet edge. Always have someone mixing and someone trowelling, don’t leave the materials in the mixer or the wet edge unmanned or you’ll risk the units not tying in properly.

Resin Bound heatwaveTo avoid the resin turning sticky, with a similar texture to chewing gum, make sure you are trowelling quickly and blending the stones evenly. Always check your trowelling after each section with a final finishing sweep to avoid ridges and uneven bumps.

Start Work Early

A simple but smart way to avoid the pressure of rising heat is to start your job early in the morning. Maximising on the cooler temperatures will give you a larger window of time to apply the Resin.

Store the Materials in the shade

resin bound heatwave

If you have access to a shaded area on you job, we strongly suggest that you leave the materials in the shade whilst you begin your work, especially the resin. This will keep them as cool as possible and help to avoid over-heating which will affecting the curing time of each mix. The longer the Resin can stay at ‘room temperature’, the easier it will be to apply.

Stay Hydrated!

It may seem obvious, but make sure you do stay hydrated! Installing Resin Bound is very labour intensive and, on hot days where continual work is essential for a seamless finish, you are at risk of dehydration. Look after yourself so that you can work to your best ability, even in the scorching heat!


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