Training with Resin Bonded – Onsite Based

Introduction to Onsite Training

Once you have completed our classroom training and have your first job booked in, you can further develop your practical skills by booking our onsite training course.

Depending on the size of your job you will have one or more of our knowledgeable experienced staff members for the whole day to guide you and your team through your first lay.

Our trainers will pass on to you all their hints & tips as well as any valuable information that will help you to succeed in your new business venture, whilst giving you the confidence and support needed to go forwards.

Onsite Training

Getting organised for Onsite Training

Onsite Training typically runs from March till November, this is due to the seasonal rainfall and colder temperatures which can make it more challenging to lay resin in these conditions.

Whilst you are preparing your job and getting ready to book our onsite training you will be asked to fill out a questionnaire in our training portal. This acts as a factfinder enabling our Trainers to make sure that your site is ready to go.

If you need any help filling this in then our Training Coordinator will be more than happy to assist you.

Onsite Training
Onsite Training

Examples of the checklist include

Images of the Base Material
Images of Base Completed
Joints in between pavement and driveway completed
Road joints completed
Images of site once cleared and ready to go

What happens on the day of Training

Our trainer(s) will meet you onsite first thing, they will have spoken to you the night before to confirm the weather is all okay and that the site is fully ready to go ahead.

You will have ordered your materials to be delivered a few days prior to training, you will have checked that all material is in order and wrapped it up in DPM, ensuring materials are off the ground, and away from water, such as keeping them on their pallets.

The day starts with a debrief, with our trainer getting to know your team and which station they’ll be working on, who will be on the mixer, who will be trowelling and labouring as examples.

You will lay your material out according to units or kits, each kit will be 4 bags of aggregate, 1 bag of sand and your Resin – Part A and B.

Now that you are ready to go, you will begin laying. Once this process has started, there is no stopping – so no forgetting food and drinks!

Once you’ve finished installing your first job, you will have gained knowledge, confidence and experience to continue forwards, but if you’re unsure, you the option to book further sessions which some contractors do, to boost their confidence or to train up different teams.

For further information please watch the Tech Tips with Martin video below or contact us directly.

Onsite Training
Onsite Training
Onsite Training

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