6mm Heather Resin Bound is back!

We are excited to announce that we are re-introducing the popular 6mm Heather Resin Bound colour to our BoundWorx Standard Range!


What Happened to the Heather Resin Bound colour?

Some time ago, the stone in our 6mm Heather Resin Bound finish ceased being produced. As quite a popular colour, that presented us with a problem! BoundWorx Resin Bound surfacing is made from natural, quarried, kiln dried aggregates. Therefore, when working with natural stone products, the colours available to us are limited by what can be quarried safely and sustainably from the earth. As it turns out, there aren’t many naturally purple coloured stones – you can imagine how challenging it has been for us to source an alternative!

How can I get hold of this colour?

Fortunately, our aggregate suppliers notified us that the stone is being produced again! All of the original elements in the 6mm Heather Resin Bound finish are now readily available to us. We are re-introducing it to our BoundWorx standard aggregate range with immediate effect. Claim your free sample today and add 6mm Heather to the wide range of top quality BoundWorx® finishes you can offer to your clients. Contact us for a trade material supply quote.

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