FutureScape – A Trip to The Excel


On Wednesday 22nd November, Mark, Resin Bonded’s Technical Director, & Danielle, the Sales & Training Coordinator, went on their annual outing together to the FutureScape Show in London. 

FutureScape, to those that don’t know, pride themselves in being the UK’s largest landscape expo & trade event with seminars, live debates & with a fantastic variety of exhibitors.

Luckily for Mark he lives just 10 minutes away by Uber but decided to help the environment and dust off his bicycle.


Whereas from “Sunny Sussex” as Danielle likes to call it, she navigated her way by 3 trains to reach the Excel. With only one quick pit stop to admire the fascinating Shard, already glistening with its Christmas Lights. 

Having done the journey to The Excel 3 times now, she thinks she’s quite the expert, let’s just ignore the fact that everything on the underground is clearly signposted, we won’t tell her that! 

As soon as the pair arrive at the Excel they put their networking skills into action, quickly becoming a great interactive day for Mark and Danielle. They met both existing and potential customers and took the time to build these relationships whilst looking for new opportunities. 


They also didn’t miss the chance to pick up all the promotional goodies! Sweets, notepads, pens, a torch and even a tape measure!

They then bumped into Dan Travis from Long Rake Spar, one of Resin Bonded’s stone suppliers. Putting the worlds to rights over various aggregates. 

The next important task of the day for Mark and Danielle was to take advantage of the culinary delights, treating themselves to a tasty noodle lunch.

With another annual outing complete Mark and Danielle look forward to getting to know their new contacts in the not so distant future.



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