Demonstration Day

See the latest innovations in the Resin laying industry.

Including the New Mesh and Go System, Port-A-Trowel and more!

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The 19th January Demo Day 2024 is now full!

Mesh and Go

The Resin Bull are experienced resin bound installers, they have over 20 years of experience in the industry and have developed a specialist tools and systems to improve the efficency and quality of Resin laying projects. 

You are warmly invited to attend our demonstration day to observe the innovative Mesh and Go system and see how this new product could transform your resin laying projects. 

Mesh and Go
Mesh and Go

Resin Bound Port-A-Trowel

The Resin Bound Port-A-Trowel is the perfect finishing tool to level small ridges that can go undetected after trowelling the surface.

We will demonstrate the advantages and efficiencies of using this tool to achieve a perfect Resin Bound finish. 

BoundWorx® Marble

Preview our new Marble Range launching soon!